One of the biggest decisions that you can make in your life is moving to a different country – one that is completely foreign to you. This can be a difficult yet a challenging milestone that you can make in your lifetime. There is a need that you think twice before you decide to become a permanent resident in aContinue Reading
There are a lot of people who wants to live and sojourn in Singapore. Well, this is actually old news since almost everyone in Asia knows that Singapore is one of the most progressive countries in the world. As a matter of fact, its booming economy is well known to all its neighbouring countries. Because of this, more and moreContinue Reading
The process for Singapore PR application is quite complicated. Every applicant needs to follow the rules and regulations provided by the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority or ICA. The ICA is the government agency that is responsible for the approval and denial of applications. This governmental body exercises wide discretion in deciding the fate of every applicant. The duty of theContinue Reading
One of the saddest things that can happen to the life of an immigrant in Singapore is finding out that his PR status application is rejected. It can be a signal that his dream of permanently living in the country is gone completely. It can also be disheartening to find out that the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority has denied theContinue Reading
Singapore has become one of the most sought-after cities in the South East Asia. The number of immigrants who enter this country increases every year. There are several reasons for the rise in the number of individuals who want to work and live in Singapore. One of which is its booming economy where there is a job opportunity for almostContinue Reading
Have you recently made a decision to apply for a permanent residency status in Singapore? Do you want to know the tips and tricks on how to get Singapore PR the fastest way possible? Are you trying to ensure that you will get an approval for your application? This article will discuss the several things that you can take intoContinue Reading
Being a permanent resident status holder in Singapore offers a lot of benefits and advantages on your part. With this status, you get to do a lot of things that are not made available to other immigrants in the country. However, you need to understand that being a Singapore PR status holder does not only entitle you to certain privilegesContinue Reading
Are you one of the individuals who dream of permanently residing in Singapore? Do you want to get a grant for a PR status in the country? It is important for you to know that the process for application is quite complex. You need to prepare for a lot of things such as the required documents to be submitted toContinue Reading
Singapore has become one of the most-visited countries in the Southeast Asia. At the same time, it is also considered as the top country wherein people want to establish a permanent resident. This is the reason why the number of PR application in Singapore has risen over the years. Everyone may not know it but the truth is that thereContinue Reading
The number of immigrants in Singapore is continuously growing in the past few years. The Singaporean government has introduced a lot of amendments to its immigration laws. Nowadays, many individuals are allowed to enter the country in order to balance its population. Notwithstanding this fact, there are still some people who fail in getting a permanent residency status in Singapore.Continue Reading

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