Singapore has become one of the most famous countries in the world. A lot of people want to migrate in this extravagant place for several reasons. Some decide to move in Singapore to order to be employed by the top companies here. Unfortunately, an individual who wants to become a permanent resident needs to apply for Singapore PR here. TheContinue Reading
Have you ever imagined living in a country where everything is so advanced and high tech? Do you want to experience the amazing way of life in Singapore? The most important question is: Do you want to become a permanent resident in this amazing place? For immigrants like you want to obtain a PR status in Singapore, the first thingContinue Reading
The applicants who wish to obtain a Permanent Resident status in Singapore can be classified into two groups – patient and impatient. There are those who can tolerate the long waiting time for the competition of the application process. On the other hand, there are also many applicants who want to expedite the process. If you belong to the secondContinue Reading
Many foreigners who have spent some time working and living in the Lion City realize, at one point or another, that they want to become a Singapore permanent resident. One reason for this is because Singapore PRs get to enjoy more benefits than expatriates. Apart from being granted the right to permanently live and work in this prosperous country, PRsContinue Reading
There are many factors that foreigners should consider before deciding to apply for permanent residency in Singapore, such as if it is the right time and if they meet the requirements set by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. One important thing that they should also put into consideration is if they will include their young sons in their Singapore PRContinue Reading
Singapore is one of the countries in Asia that offer a high standard of living with excellent education, health care, housing, and safety. It is no surprise, therefore, that many foreigners who have lived in the country for some time decide to apply for Singapore permanent resident. But how much does it cost to live in Singapore? The cost ofContinue Reading
Applying for permanent residency in Singapore is a relatively straightforward process, although it is, at the same time, quite complex. As such, there are mistakes that many applicants tend to make, which could affect their chances of getting approved. Here are examples of common mistakes during the Singapore PR application process: Rushing Some aspirants dive into the application process justContinue Reading
Preparing forms and supporting documents is one of the most important steps individuals or families take when they apply for PR in Singapore. This should be done carefully and meticulously because it is the only chance applicants have in convincing the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority that they are suited to be granted a permanent resident status in the country. ThereContinue Reading
There is no fool-proof way to guarantee that an application for permanent residency in Singapore would be approved by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. However, some Singapore PR applications have a bigger probability of getting approved than others, based on several factors. Chances of Getting Approved With a tighter criteria plus many talented and skilled individuals/expats trying to get theirContinue Reading
Many people from different countries dream of becoming permanent residents in Singapore, not only because of the country’s high standard of living but also because there are many Singapore PR benefits they can expect to enjoy. Upon obtaining a permanent resident status, an individual receives their Blue Card and becomes entitled to the following privileges: No visa restrictions. A permanentContinue Reading

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